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Dams MadName: Dams Mad
Country: France
Intro: I'm not a real photographer - rather am I a traveller who gets along quite well with people who do have a camera, and once in a while I pick up the camera and make a pic or two of things that appeal to me.

But I'd like to learn anyway, feel free to judge the result of my non-work! Farewell!

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Camera: Canon PowerShot G3, Samsung Digimax V4, Canon PowerShot A10
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Title: LandmannalaugarSamsung Digimax V4
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damsmad Silver Note Writer [C: 4 W: 0 N: 42] (192)
Title: I'm just a kidCanon PowerShot G3
I'm just a kid (2)
damsmad Silver Note Writer [C: 4 W: 0 N: 42] (192)
Title: The big jumpSamsung Digimax V4
The big jump (4)
damsmad Silver Note Writer [C: 4 W: 0 N: 42] (192)
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