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happypoppeye (11) [2007-07-29 16:41]

Great shot. Great idea done very well...


happypoppeye (11) [2007-07-26 22:09]

I like this JFK. Good post processing. Very original.


happypoppeye (11) [2007-06-20 23:53]

Great catch. Color and composition are excellent. Not sharp at all but still a very powerful photo.

great work.

happypoppeye (11) [2007-06-20 23:52]

Great work...

happypoppeye (11) [2007-06-18 2:00]

One of the best lighning shots I have ever seen. Simply stunning color. The blue filter worked great.

In my opinion, perfect exposure. I think a one minute exposure would have blown out the city lights - unless the city was a seperate photo. Either way, great work. Trully spectacular.

happypoppeye (11) [2007-06-18 1:54]

This is an excellent night photo. There are a few things I like:

- the perpendicular lines of traffic, blurred nicely, to create great lines through the photo with the main line taking the eye through the photo to the background
- super crisp and sharp all the way through
- really good POV and the inclusion of just a slice of sky looks great - really good depth also
- the small details like all the red lights on top of the building s in the background, nice dark blue sky, inclusion of people and cars detailed enough to add interest
- perfect color

Great work.

happypoppeye (11) [2007-06-18 1:15]

The title made me laugh - like he was trying to fly. Definitely a great underwater catch. Lets hope a shot like this will still be possible in 10 years. Focus is a bit soft - not much but looks like it is just off. Still, a good photo.

Nice work.

Title: ;)
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matys (551)


happypoppeye (11) [2007-06-18 0:30]

This is real eye catcher, especially with those bight yellow eyes. Perfect composition with the whiskers sticking out and great color. Nice POV & DOF also.

Great work.

happypoppeye (11) [2007-06-17 23:49]

Great dramatic sky. Good composition - I think it would be better without the branches in the upper right. I would rather see that wonderfully dramatic sky. Good IR effect again. Very good.

Note: only closed mouth smiley because I don't feel the composition is strong enough and I don't paticularly like the black outline on the right side of the wood collector. Just my opinion. The IR effect is amazing and makes it a great photo though.

Nice work.