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rivermersey (40) [2008-01-01 14:54]

Great shot Nigel!
I like the way you have captured the statue of Queen Victoria, although it's silhouetted against the brightly lit hall you can still see many of its details.
Overall the shot gives the feeling of a very cold clear crisp night.

Have a good New Year Nigel

rivermersey (40) [2007-12-08 17:06]

Great shot Nigel!
Nice Scenic shot of Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. It has the feel of one of Edward Fitzmaurice Chambré Hardman (1898–1988)later photographs. The cobbles, the old garage doors (no steel shutters) and the garage sign give the shot a 1950's / 1960's feel.
Makes me want to search out my old B&W negs now !

rivermersey (40) [2007-11-17 11:29]

A stunning night time shot Nigel, Great reflections the Neon blue lights on the bridge and the lighting on the buildings work well together.

Interesting note: There are plans to raise this bridge by a couple of meters to allow narrow boats access to Albert Dock via the new Liverpool Canal Link.

rivermersey (40) [2007-11-17 11:22]

Great shot Nigel. The Sky provides a interresting contrast especially with the color of the statues.

TFS Paul W

rivermersey (40) [2007-10-09 16:44] [+]

One of the oldest "Grot Spots" in Liverpool, I've got pictures of this old Isle of Mann ferry ticket office taken 20 years ago, it was derelict then! (Might post it one day)
The warm light from the setting sun gives this building strange but beautiful appearance.

rivermersey (40) [2007-10-09 16:37]

Great composition, the foreground is so crisp and clear. It gives the whole picture a 3D feel, The warm colours add richness to this amazing picture.

rivermersey (40) [2007-09-27 9:07] [+]

Another great shot Nigel. I do like sunset shots, especially with the low clouds and the reflections off the puddles.

rivermersey (40) [2007-09-22 16:57] [+]

What can I say? .... "I wish I had taken this picture!" would be a good start.
This is a fantastic shot, one of the best QE2 pictures I’ve seen. I particularly like the light catching the smoke rising from the funnel, the illumination of the ship and the cars in the foreground is superb.
Like Ron’s comment, before I read your text I was trying to work out how you got such a good position… The wrong end of a telescope maybe?
The join is perfect well done Nigel.

rivermersey (40) [2007-09-16 2:27] [+]

Another great shot Nigel!
The framing of this shot along with the lighting and the reflections upon the water are fantastic!!

rivermersey (40) [2007-09-04 16:38] [+]

Beautiful shot Nigel.
The New York skyline is catching up with us :)