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rrodrigues (236) [2007-12-20 9:33]

Its a nice 'other side' of Notre Dame. The soft colors and difuse focus are quite right.
Now, there is a small problem: The lamp and the towers look like they are falling to the right. Correct the tilting and the picture will be perfect.
Maybe just tilting will not be enough as it appears to be some distortion, with convergence to the top. This happens when you use a wide angle (i'm guessing you used the 18mm end of your lens) and forget to level the camera. PaintShop should solve it...

rrodrigues (236) [2006-07-12 7:20] [+]

Even when a shot goes wrong it can go right and produce a nice image. Good color combination and nice composition. You could enhance it by croping the bottom part, that adds nothing to the composition and even results a bit distracting.

rrodrigues (236) [2006-07-12 7:15]

What I love the most in your photo is the color. The cold colors in the window go just perfect on the white/grey background. Altough the composition doesn´t follow the standard rules it results very wel anyway and it is a very pleasant image. Good work.