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vkelman (84) [2006-09-07 13:49]

That's what I miss so much here in ugly Maryland.

vkelman (84) [2006-07-09 1:17]

I'm not old enough to look at it without inspiration :)

vkelman (84) [2006-07-09 1:12]

You definitely have your own "graphic" style.

vkelman (84) [2006-07-09 1:10]

Great photo! It's helpful to have a good eye :)

vkelman (84) [2006-04-18 20:59]

Yes, it's a bright start!

vkelman (84) [2006-04-17 3:07]

It's a wonderful picture and an amazing story! It remained me my own journey to Bolivia in 2004 (yet to be published in pictures) and that I have to write a story too, thank you!

vkelman (84) [2006-04-17 2:40]

Excellent colors and interesting words about religion. I mostly agree with you... but I got an impression from my own visit to Bolivia and from what I read, that now religion plays rather positive role there. I was surprised to know how tolerant it is now and how wisely it tries to embrace pagan rituals of Indian people (at festivals, etc.), instead of trying to prohibit them.
I like your comment about soccer too. I saw teenager girls and boys playing soccer selflessly in a poor village at about 4000m of elevation in Bolivian Altiplano.

vkelman (84) [2006-04-17 0:44]

Excellent! You managed to take an original shot from such a non-original theme.

vkelman (84) [2006-04-17 0:35]


vkelman (84) [2006-02-24 11:34]

Nice composition.