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wienermadl_1969 (19) [2012-07-25 13:07]

Awesome picture. I love it how the forest and the clouds reflect in the water. Very beautifully done. ~ Sonja

wienermadl_1969 (19) [2012-07-25 7:14]

Totally awesome. I can tell you love taking pictures of sunsets/rises. I do too. It's just never the same and always breathtaking. Can't wait to go to the beach soon and see some amazing sunrises and sets. We'll be in the Panhandle.

wienermadl_1969 (19) [2012-07-24 10:32]

Linda - I so love this picture. It is so hard to catch lightning with the camera - well, that's what I think anyways. I also love how those lightning flashes reflect so nicely in the water ripples. Very awesome shot!