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PhotoCritique [Translate]

yvettethecritic (71) [2007-11-08 4:23]

You made great use of the macro Catherine! :)

the ant looks funny, its as if it would attack any foreign object. hehe.

yvettethecritic (71) [2007-11-08 4:21]

Love the idea behind the photo. Its very thought provoking.

You made great contrasts here, and a nice point of view too.

God Bless! :) -Yvette

yvettethecritic (71) [2007-11-07 5:11]

Well this is new. :) I like how your mind works. Very creative! Its simple, but captivating. Great job! :)

yvettethecritic (71) [2007-11-07 5:07]

Galing arviin!! Ganda ng clouds and lighting. :) May balance pa. weee~

yvettethecritic (71) [2007-11-07 4:52]

Wow, that's a pretty cloud formation. You also made a good job on balance. Truly a sunrise as I usually imagine it. Thanks for sharing! :)


yvettethecritic (71) [2007-11-07 4:50]

That's cute Afonso! :)
You had pretty great timing on this. Though I wish it had sharper detail.

yvettethecritic (71) [2007-11-06 19:20]

Aww, its cute. Your focus is nice, and you captured this perfectly. :) The fox really did look like it was trying hard to wish for something.

yvettethecritic (71) [2007-11-06 19:16]

wow, I like the color combination and the soft pastel like consistency. Its really mesmerizing. O_o

yvettethecritic (71) [2007-11-06 19:13]

Wah~ Scarry... Its a strong image. And I am attracted to cats.

yvettethecritic (71) [2007-11-06 19:10]

Yeah it is beautiful. Maybe you should have put a bit more brightness and contrast so it'll look more lively. :)