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Pamsutherland (34) [2008-12-13 17:28]

I was glad to see your picture as we expect snow here in Wisconsin and it was nice to remember that Lake Michigan will melt and the grass will be green again. I like the view down the coast. Did you think about cropping out more of the sky? I always have a hard time determining whether or not to crop it out, but in this instance I might have gone a bit lower.

Pamsutherland (34) [2008-12-07 12:06]

This was very interesting. I've seen the Eildon Hill from the traditional view in September. The colors seem very pale. Was it just one of those pale November days? Your note was great. I had heard about the Thomas the Rhymer reference, but somehow missed reading about the archeology Thanks.

Pamsutherland (34) [2008-12-04 17:27]

I love the colors. Winter can seem very gray or very white. This highlights the subtle colors that are in so many winter landscapes. I've not been to Scotland in winter, but this picture makes me realize that I would feel very at home. I really enjoyed the poem as well.

Pamsutherland (34) [2008-12-01 18:52] [+]

I like your point of view. the way the pier draws the viewer out to the end is terrific. Did you play with doing this in black and white? It feels like it could be done in B&W although there is a warmth to the sky that contrasts with the snow. PAm

Pamsutherland (34) [2008-11-22 19:38]

I like your lichens. It's interesting that they are so yellow. Most of the lichens that I've seen are more like the the green one. One thing I've been told is that lichens are indicators of good environment without a lot of pollution. It would be nice to know more about where you took the picture.