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Snow_in_bergen (14) [2011-01-01 19:53] [+]

She has the right color on her dress. The red color catches attention, which fits perfect in this composition. I don't think I would call it a striking image (I feel I have seen photos looking almost like this a couple of times), but I must really say I like it! Those times I see photos looking almost the same use to be in finals of travel photography contests, so maybe you should give it a try in one of those contests? However, the perspective and the colors are great, and all in all, this is a very nice photo indeed!

Happy new year!

Snow_in_bergen (14) [2011-01-01 15:30]

Yup, I like it!
You've managed nicely to keep the focus on the horse and your wife. Nice winter scene well executed!

Happy new year!

Snow_in_bergen (14) [2008-11-04 9:42]

Hi, David!
The colors are great, and the clouds really show that this is a high mountain. I look forward to number two of those glaciers. I have made a little scale to show how good I think it is (1-10):
Colors: 9 (Maybe too much light on some parts of the glacier)
Composition: 10
Sharpness: 10
Total: 29

Best regards from Bergen!