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WanO (23) [2010-03-27 15:42]

Very Good POV and composition. Maybe the lighting is too strong, though.


WanO (23) [2010-03-07 20:06]

Great lighting!
It makes the object look somehow very dramatic

WanO (23) [2009-02-26 7:59]

That's some beautiful girl and you caught her with that expression... great.

WanO (23) [2007-10-15 7:28]

WOW! First the idea, then the title, then the effects! God! You are a genius! I wish I had so much free time! jeje!
Oh! and thx for your comments on my pics. they are very useful!


WanO (23) [2007-10-14 7:08]

Nice portrait! Good use of B&W effect, but... I think you could have done something with the background... but if your intention was to leave the picture just like that, OK!


WanO (23) [2007-10-14 7:06]

Wow! very good picture, the expression in her face is for us to imagine, that's great! Ant the light on her eyes, th colour of her eyes, everything is great, even the framing!


WanO (23) [2007-10-07 15:43]

Wow! I long to be there...
Great picture, and nice place to spend night too.

WanO (23) [2006-07-20 8:54] [+]

I know her... She is Sergio's girlfriend isn't she? Nice pic.