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Title: Song
Song (9)
aagama Silver Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 39 W: 0 N: 77] (555)


alexjesusdolan (120) [2007-11-18 14:20] [+]

I notice you use flash in this photo. Try experimenting with different light sources (not necessarily natural, just differnt angles and diffused or hard light)to come up with a more dramatic composition.

alexjesusdolan (120) [2007-10-26 17:14]

Excellent mood in this photo. I love the clouds in the background. TFS!

alexjesusdolan (120) [2007-10-26 17:12]

Great capture. I love the background colors as well. Maybe you could have framed this sipder completely in the window to center your attention to the spider. Also as this photo is very bright even with f/2.7 and a shutter speed of 1/200 maybe you could close the apeture a little bit to bring a broader focal range to bring the spider in focus more. Awesome eye though.

alexjesusdolan (120) [2007-10-26 17:09] [+]

Great color, but the imense blackness in the bottom of the image detracts from the beauty ofthe sunrise. Maybe croppin it into a wider ratio may bring more focus to the sunrise, while still showing the silhouettes of the buildings.

alexjesusdolan (120) [2007-10-26 17:05]

I love the mood of this one, but I think you should have a little more focus to make it a more interesting photo. Good crop though.

alexjesusdolan (120) [2007-10-26 17:04]

Sick shot. so unique. At first it looked like this was taken from space. Props.

alexjesusdolan (120) [2007-10-26 17:02]

Gread dark mood in this photo. Possibly a little too much PP? I would like to see the original to see the mood as it was.

Title: totoro
totoro (3)
dkppro (77)


alexjesusdolan (120) [2007-10-25 14:24]

Sweet! Where is this? I remember watching Totorro when I was little.

alexjesusdolan (120) [2007-10-23 19:47]

I love the colors of the sky in this photograph, but I think the city buildings detract somewhat from the serene image you depicted on the left.

Title: Walking
Walking (10)
dotuan Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 68 W: 128 N: 50] (3057)


alexjesusdolan (120) [2007-10-23 19:46]

I love the strange colors in this image, it's really eye cathching.