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bpottorff (78) [2007-01-15 18:23]

Great work! Composition is excellent with her left eye almost perfectly in the center of the shot.


bpottorff (78) [2007-01-15 1:15] [+]

One of the nicest captures of fireworks I have seen Did you use mirror lock up?


bpottorff (78) [2007-01-07 20:29]

Very nice! I spend some time in Saskatchewan and this reminds me of it. (It may be for all I know.) Nice composition.

bpottorff (78) [2007-01-07 20:21]

Great capture! Makes me wnat to put my jacket on and walk up the tracks. I wonder how it would have looked if you had laid down on your stomach to get the camera in between the rails?