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bushman (33) [2005-11-19 1:16]

I really like this.
symbolic with the fire in the background. Simple but effective sense of peace and comfort of the human spirit.

bushman (33) [2005-07-03 20:33] [+]

I like the way the tree stands out with its black contrast against a classic Auckland icon. Its just so very kiwi. A dark broody feeling transposed with a lovely postcard image.
is it a Totara or maybe a Macrocarper?
the boat adds a human element.
Well done!

bushman (33) [2005-07-03 20:23] [+]

This is the invasive weed pampas that New Zealanders so often confuse with that native beauty Toetoe. Pampas is a really invasive weed that is taking over much of the New Zealand environment.
You can tell a pampas from a toetoe by
pampas flowers in Autumn, toe toe in spring
The flowers frond of toe toe bend down wheres as pampas flowers stalks are more erect.
pampas is a more solid and vigorous plant. If its growing by the roadside North of taupo then its bound to be a Pampas. To find the real toetoe in Northland you have to get into the bush proper.West auckland around Muriwai is full of pampas.
however it is a nice photo.

bushman (33) [2005-06-10 19:29]

well done. It gives the feeling of coldness.
Post processing??

bushman (33) [2005-06-10 19:26]

A grand photo of one of those moments that only lasts for a short period. Good observation to notice something different

bushman (33) [2005-05-29 3:47]

I like the sand in the foreground and the patterns and textures