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canish (287) [2015-02-15 1:42]

Hi Kishore.
Very nice macro good colours and details.
Cheers Dave

canish (287) [2015-01-25 4:37]

Hi Erwin
Great portrait of your son as to time flying take it from a 70 year old it does not slow down so make the most of your time with family and friends.
Cheers Dave.

canish (287) [2015-01-25 4:32] [+]

Hi Michael .
Well seen and a nice moment.
Cheers Dave.

canish (287) [2014-11-24 22:07]

Hi Lucja.
a good photo of the frost nice colours and details.
Cheers Dave.

canish (287) [2014-11-10 0:50]

Hi Raimundo.
Very nice posy of roses you have here.
Cheers Dave.

canish (287) [2014-11-10 0:47]

Hi Doug.
Nice wee action shot.
Cheers Dave

canish (287) [2014-09-23 1:54]

Hi Kishore.
I see you have some very good and constructive comments on this photo. You have captured the joy of the wee child which is the essence of the photo.
Cheers Dave.

canish (287) [2014-09-06 2:34]

Hi David.
A step back in time great.
Cheers Dave

canish (287) [2014-09-06 2:32]

Hi Raimundo.
Looks quite choppy out there good photo for theme.
Cheers Dave.

canish (287) [2014-09-06 2:30]

Hi Fiona.
Nice photo of the spinning motion.