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claireneillands (83) [2008-02-13 1:16] [+]

wow! this is incredible! where in bolivia is this??

Title: lemon
lemon (12)
gs1905_gs (135)


claireneillands (83) [2008-02-10 7:51]

I absolutely love this it is really effective.
excellent work :)

claireneillands (83) [2008-02-10 7:44]

this is really effective. i wish you had put a note up about how you achieved this look or what your intention was. TFS

claireneillands (83) [2008-02-10 7:41]

this photo is great - very atmospheric. I'm not sure if it would have created an even great tunnel effect from the road if you had cropped some of the foreground out however. just a thought.

claireneillands (83) [2008-02-10 5:13] [+]

this is a fabulous picture - really atmostpheric - agree, it is not the best quality - if it was crisp and really in focus it would be damn near perfect! I disagree with the comment about words - i think the writing in the back ground ads to it. :)

claireneillands (83) [2008-02-03 13:22]

great subject, brilliantly presented... really great work.

thanks for sharing :)

claireneillands (83) [2008-02-03 12:01]

the effect of the clouds on the still water is amazing! great capture.

I always think some notes help...

thanks for sharing - it's a great moody shot!

claireneillands (83) [2008-02-03 11:49] [+]

I like to know more about how you created this effect with black and white... it's a great shot... well done...

claireneillands (83) [2008-02-03 11:44]

i'm not sure what it is but it's interesting... some notes would be really useful.
however, great colour, POV and use of DOF... shall look at more!

thanks for sharing...

claireneillands (83) [2008-02-03 11:42]

this is great! it's fun and well captured... i might just have cropped out the pink foot in the left hand bottom corner...