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garydenni (191) [2010-10-30 11:38]

Interesting use of backlighting. It brings out the color of the leaves. Very good composition.

Gary Denni

garydenni (191) [2010-10-30 11:34]

You made a great us of the early morning light hitting the Saguaro. The moon adds to the composition. This is a great composition keep up the good work.

Gary Denni

garydenni (191) [2010-03-21 16:53]

Hello David:

Great shot. Looks like it was an acitve storm.

San Pedro

garydenni (191) [2009-02-14 20:17] [+]

Hello John:

This is a great shot. You have captured the emotion of the moment. I love dogs, and you have caught the perfect picture of this dog. I love this photo.

Gary Denni
San Pedro, Ca.

garydenni (191) [2009-02-14 20:14]

Hello Shailesh:

You have a great shot here I don't see any way you can improve it with filters. Most filters will change the quality of light and you caught this photo at the end of day. Your shot is so perfect it does not need any correction.

San Pedro

garydenni (191) [2009-02-14 20:09]

Hello Tina:

This shot has possibilities. I have some suggestions to improve it.

1st Try shooting this subject in the early morning or late afternoon. You want to get the best lighting effects for your shot.

2nd crop off just a little of the water (photoshop) and add a little more sky (rule of thirds)

If you like me getting up in the early morning can be rough but it will give you the best results.

San Pedro

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lady33 (1279)


garydenni (191) [2006-10-08 19:36]

Great composition. I don't know how you got this shot, but it is great. I love the way the human figures are blurred as they walk or run to the light.

Gary Denni
San Pedro, California USA

garydenni (191) [2006-07-26 15:00]

Your closeup work on the leafs and twigs is very good. Keep up the good work.