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howie6267 (66) [2005-05-15 23:06]

Beautiful shoot. Makes me want to jump into the picture. Such vivid color. Great job.

howie6267 (66) [2005-05-15 22:53]

Very nice I love the dark green background of the ferns.

howie6267 (66) [2004-04-24 1:34] [+]

A person in a ninja outfit twirling maybe flames or could be a sword with the light hitting it.

I copied the photo and made it B/W that is how I could see there was a person there. So I guess I mistook your hood for a ninja outfit. I guess I could have said a number one or seven but then I thought that was to obvious. :)

howie6267 (66) [2004-04-20 0:02]

Great picture I love how there are two umbrellas in the shot also.

howie6267 (66) [2004-04-19 13:10]

Great smile and very pretty girl. You did a great job capturing her.

howie6267 (66) [2004-04-19 13:08]

I like the froth in this. Not to mention that it makes me want a cup. Nice shot.

howie6267 (66) [2004-04-19 13:07]

This is cool. I like the red and the candle behind the light. Neat shot.

howie6267 (66) [2004-04-19 13:05]

I love the different eyes in this and the red car. Great color and composition.

howie6267 (66) [2004-04-19 13:03]

This is very cool. I love the way the bee is in the cloud. Great colors neat picture.

howie6267 (66) [2004-04-19 12:59]

I like the splash of color in with all the darks. The clouds are interesting also.