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parmenters (143) [2009-10-13 1:27]

Just Fabulous!! I must trp this low shot great effect!!!! Regards Val

parmenters (143) [2009-10-13 1:26]

You feel the mood of the shot, Love the red poppies highlighted and making their statement, well Done Regards Val

parmenters (143) [2009-10-13 1:24]

Gorgeous Shot, I just love the shadows and colours, Trees are a great attraction to me, Well Done Val

parmenters (143) [2009-02-26 12:19]

Amazing, you have the perfect composition and timing, two of the greatest ingredients , Kind Regards Val

parmenters (143) [2009-02-24 23:53]

Beautiful Reflections and composition Well done Val

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parmenters (143) [2009-02-24 23:45]

Just magical, Such calm in this picture Well Done Val

parmenters (143) [2009-02-24 23:41]

Great Capture of the Sunset the reflections are amazing Regards Val

parmenters (143) [2009-02-24 23:38]

Just Divine!! The dark sky with the reeds in the foreground is just so effective Well Done Val

parmenters (143) [2009-02-24 23:34]

Just Wonderful, you can feel the crispness in the photo, the sun shining up from the horizon has an amazing effect on the photo .,well done Val

parmenters (143) [2009-02-08 19:24] [+]

An absolutely gorgeous photo but I would not have put a white border around it, I think it needs something softer to keep the balance