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susanahh (83) [2008-03-26 21:58] [+]

I like his expectation what is going to happen, his impatience or may be he is just looking down. Who knows.
I like the B&W, the composition of the picture how the central empty area is caughting the eye.

Thank you for this picture.

susanahh (83) [2007-11-28 22:24] [+]

Hoi Emilio,
your picture cautch me. Of course the whole picture evoke sun set mood which is very showy. But the part which cautch me is the part-segment of palm tree in front. It gives different point of view at your picture. The ligh of it, the sharpness, the color, all of this gives something to the picture. However, may be it was just coincidence or purpose, but it works.
Thank you for sharing

susanahh (83) [2007-11-28 22:15]

Hoi Mariusz,
it is outstanding picture for me. I like the colors, sharpness and composition. The presentation is quie adequate. If I were you I just leave more free space upon her head. To anchor the center of stability lower and emphasize HER. Just to move her to the lower left corner and let distinguist sharpness of HER agains the background.
The mood of your picture is entrancing.
I like this picture at all but my most favourite part of it is the place where the sharpness of her face and baret cap contrast with the white background and indefinitude trees.
Definately one of my favourite pictures.
Thank you very much

susanahh (83) [2007-11-10 8:07] [+]

nice shot of rest and enjoying Athen. And nice color of course.
I ventured to make changes on the pucture a little bit. Hopefully you will like it.
Thanks for your picture.

susanahh (83) [2007-11-08 23:00]

Nice captured of the mist. I feel the mistery and the freshenss fromyour picture. But I would choose different frame for presentation next time.

susanahh (83) [2007-11-06 23:20]

Hi Robert,
I have to say that the proportion of your picture gives it the activity and spirit. Interesting composition. Well done with B&W.
Thank you for sharing

susanahh (83) [2007-11-04 20:50]

impressive. How the simple thing as a shadow could make thinks impressive. I like it. Now I will be attentive in my sunny days :o)

susanahh (83) [2007-11-04 20:45]

nice presentation of this shot. It is simlpe but the main view is enthralled by the silhouette of the man. Nice composition, colors and presentation.

susanahh (83) [2007-11-04 20:40]

I like this original tomato line.
Well done

susanahh (83) [2007-10-27 19:26] [+]

As somebody wrote: "wow". I appreciate the very simple frame, colors, light. The shadow play on the blanket is soft but makes pisture interesting and depth of it. I like the balance in the picture. Neither in the center or on the side - grate. And I have to say that your signature is not to much disturbing but may be try to use different font. May be the calligraphy one?
Thank you