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taylormmdude (44) [2010-08-26 7:55]

I like your shot! I did a series of crystal and glass, check it out!

taylormmdude (44) [2010-08-25 23:29]

i love the lines in this! also great range of tones!

taylormmdude (44) [2010-03-03 23:51] [+]

This is my new favorite photograph!
I love the perceptive, the graphic feeling of the metal, and the color!

Thanks for sharing!


taylormmdude (44) [2010-03-03 23:42]

Very nicely done!
I love night-scapes =)

taylormmdude (44) [2010-03-03 23:39]

This is much improved bigger =)

taylormmdude (44) [2010-03-03 19:25]


I really like the mood/composition.
I just wish the 'dust' or whatever it is, wasn't on her mouth. i find it very distracting, takes the focus away from those beautiful eyes.


taylormmdude (44) [2010-02-24 10:53]

Very nice!

at first i noticed the duplication, but then the background made me question it! very nicely handled.

taylormmdude (44) [2010-02-19 20:15]

Wow, the colors in this photo are AMAZING!!!
Really great composition too, love the reflection and the inclusion of the person in the background to show depth!

Very Nice

Thanks for sharing!


taylormmdude (44) [2010-02-01 23:21] [+]

Wow, i love the lighting you've gotten! a well composed composite!!

taylormmdude (44) [2009-11-23 14:27]

its very pixelated, would probably look a lot better in a better resolution