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tutushig (29) [2014-06-13 7:54]

Hill in the back makes the picture more excited. Of course man on the bicycle is great and also many trees with various colour and Volkswagen(?) van add more interest to the photo.

tutushig (29) [2014-05-12 7:22]

Dear Esmat Azizi,

Not too sophisticated passengers. This is a typical scene of this line.
Nice capture.


tutushig (29) [2010-05-08 7:16]

Hello Sidang,

It is very interesting why the poles are built at here.
And your adjusted contrasts and shadows make it more interesting.


tutushig (29) [2010-05-08 7:10]

Hello Valerie,

There is no reflect of the flash, only beautiful colors remain.


tutushig (29) [2010-05-08 7:05]

Hello Christian,

It is the best timing to get both, shadow and blue sky in once.
Not only the colour but also sharpness is beautiful.


tutushig (29) [2010-01-10 5:53]

Not only technique of brightness, but also timing of people's movement, their standing place and sun are great.
Perfect start for new year 2010.

tutushig (29) [2009-08-01 6:52] [+]

Hello Wellington,
Perfect timing, sunshine is our friend.

tutushig (29) [2009-08-01 6:31]

Hello Odile,
so suprised that sky has deep blue but the flowers have perfect colour balance. Not too deep just prefect.

tutushig (29) [2009-08-01 6:16]

Hello Erik,
Simple brack background make this pictue perfect.

tutushig (29) [2009-08-01 6:11] [+]

Hello Eleu,
So intersting and unusual building that this can be taken any time (both daytime and nighttime), any weather.
Looking forward to 2010 version.