Name: Jae Hyo Choi
Country: South Korea
Intro: I'm a Korea male, married, living in Incheon Metropolitan city South Korea. Published a novel book and some Poem books last year. Working at Province Govern for 20 years. I wish to make many friends all of the World throught internet. From time to time I'll upload pothos about korean life style and korea nature.

For a long time websurfing for good places where I can upload my pictures, my experiences. And I've found TL.I love the contents of site, pics, people that shares lots of things about photography. Of Course I am not expert but like various photos. I try to get nice photos that can share with you. I'm a student of photography and give my picture your love. I'll put my original photos here. And I wait for your suggestions and guides to help me upgrade my self.

To Friends who have given me critiques or comments thank you. I'll appreciate your advices and your encouragement. I admire and respect so many of you and your works. Your words of wisdom are very appreciated to me. I'm looking forward to learning so much more from your experiences.
I give you my e-mail address for future contacts - [email protected]

I am a amateur, have an Canon 450D, SamSung Techwin[Kenox S500]. I like its colors and quality.I'll update it everyday as soon as possible. I want to learn much from here.

If you are interest in me, Visit below my blog.

01, Oct, 2008. From S. korea

_()_ Thank You !
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