Name: Djozz Clement
Country: Belgium
Intro: Hello,

Long long time ago, I had several hobbies: photography was among them.
Then home computers were invented.
PC changed my life completely.
A new hobby was born, older ones faded away.
But after a few years my old hobbies came back alive. I love digital photography and post-processing ...
With TrekLens I hope to meet people with the same interests all over the world.
Member Since: 2005-03-05
Camera: Medion, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30, Pentax K2, Sony alpha 77, Sony DSC F828 Cybershot, sony DSLR Alpha 100, Sony DSLR Alpha 550
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Title: Shy but CuriousPanasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30
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South Africa
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Djozz (928)
Title: AaaaaaaaahSony DSC F828 Cybershot
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Djozz (928)
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