Name: Lee Sato
Country: Canada
Intro: Very new to photography and to Photoshop. Until now I've been primarily a writer, but with a strong love of visual art.

Visual Orientation: Miguel Calderon (staged photography), Tadanori Yokoo (posters, collage), Man Ray (photography, collage), Sandy Skogland (photgraphy, sculpture), Rochelle Costi (photography), Yves Tanguy (paintings, drawings), Diane Arbus (photography), John Galliano (fashion), Maki Miyashita (photography), the Hubble Telescope (photography of entire galaxies!), Alexander McQueen, (fashion).

Musical Accompaniment: Hawaiian or Mexican

ElSato at TrekEarth

Lately, in addition to posting, I've had some creative fun of a different sort, inventing themes and cataloguing images -- mine and other people's -- and in the process creating (or revealing) connections between them. I try to ensure that the images in each theme are of high quality in themselves, rather than simply including everything that fits the theme's definition, so that it should be interesting (not tiring or boring) to flip through the pictures.

All my themes have "Sato" at the beginning of their names so that they can be easily found and distinguished from others. They are:

(1) Sato: At the Movies: Images that are inspired by, dedicated to, reminiscent of, or otherwise related to film.

(2) Sato: The Mechanical Bride: Named after a 1951 book by Marshall McLuhan on the folklore of industrial man. Celebrating or the love of mechanical things, interesting, futuristic, retro, or just damned cool.

(3) Sato: Surréalisme Après Breton and Sato: Surréalisme Après Dali: Surrealism survives in the digital age, long after André Breton, Man Ray, Salvador Dali, Paul Eluard, and the many others who breathed life into it have died. Images may be posed, modified, or an ordinary image of a surreal object.

(4) Sato: Orange Crush: The colour, not the fruit. Why? Brilliant, tacky, full of life, intense. And just because.

I also have an "Orange Crush" theme on TrekEarth here.

(5) Sato: Per Ardua ad Astra (Space/Science Fiction): "Per Ardua as Astra" means (approximately) "Through struggles to the stars," and is the motto of the Royal Air Force. Despite the fact that the RAF has nothing to do with space or space travel, the motto is obviously suited to the subject. This theme is for images related to space and space travel (real or imagined), alien life and environments, and science fiction.

(6) Sato: Repetition Repetition Repetition Repeti: This theme is an accumulation of images that depend on repetition of a pattern, object, or other feature for their aethestic quality.

(7) Sato: Forget it Jake, It's Chinatown: I've had a great affection for Chinatowns (whether in Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco, or wherever) ever since I was a kid. In Toronto there are three. The Chinese are the largest single national group of immigrants to the Toronto area and Mandarin has become the leading foreign language to study. As Chinatowns are turning into "Asiatowns" due to an influx of non-Chinese Asian immigrants, I enjoy them even more because there's that much more to experience.

I also have a "Forget it Jake, It's Chinatown" theme on TrekEarth here.

(8) Sato: À la recherche du temps perdu: Images of the past, or that evoke the past.

(9) Sato: Kilroy Was Here -- Graffiti: There's boring graffiti (uncreative tagging) and then there are works of art. This theme is for the good stuff, the interesting stuff, the provocative stuff. You can find good stuff here Art Crimes and historical stuff here Kilroy in the Desert.

(10) Sato: Fashion, Turn to the Left!: Fashion (including clothing, tattoos, and accessories, plus shows, shoots, and ads involving them) are abiding interests of mine. The title of this theme is (a) a quote from the David Bowie song "Fashion," and (b) an inside joke for those who've seen the movie "Zoolander." Images should be strong regardless of the subject matter -- just fashion is not enough.

I also have a "Fashion, Turn to the Left!" theme on TrekEarth here.

(11) Sato: Toronto is a Trip!: You won't find a single image of the CN Tower here, no postcards. This is a real place: personal, grimy, lonely, glitzy, crowded, and varied. There's povery, art, commerce, crime, music, and literature. Welcome. We say that to everyone 'cause we're so damned polite around here. Welcome, come on in.

I have a similar theme on TrekEarth here.
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