Name: MiK LOG
Country: Germany
Intro: ive got a cam!... exactly i got 5...but anyway;)
i like photography very much, at least so much as all of you do i guess. I enjoy photography under ambient light, especially at dawn and at night.
Im surely addicted to long exposures, timelapsed sequences and panoramas:)....whish you all the best! MiK
Member Since: 2004-11-09
Camera: Pentax K10D, Sony CyberShot DSC-W12, Zenit-E
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Title: blitzSony CyberShot DSC-W12
blitz (2)
MiK (297)
Title: Fly VisitorSony CyberShot DSC-W12
Fly Visitor
MiK (297)
Title: spaceballsSony CyberShot DSC-W12
spaceballs (2)
MiK (297)
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