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Name: Nathalie Turon
Country: Belgium
Intro: Born and located in Belgium, living with my fiancÚ in a charming little Medieval town in Eastern Flanders.

My biggest passion is music, immediately followed by photography. Other interests are traveling, hiking, reading, tennis, painting,...

*Concerning notes underneath photos:

I noticed that many viewers insist you write a note underneath every photo - which supposedly adds more value to the shot: I agree, in terms of sharing technical details, set-up, background information and motivation.
Some photos, however, speak for themselves, and simply need no obligatory comment. I often find myself looking for something to write underneath a photo, realizing that the picture already speaks for itself and needs no additional explanation. Moreover, I like to think people watching my pics possess a fair amount of imagination to interpret the photo by themselves. Therefore, in some cases, I want to leave them the freedom of feeling the picture. It's interesting to see how everyone has a different interpretation of one same subject.

* My commenting/rating policy:

I only comment on pictures that appeal to me. They don't have to be technically perfect - most importantly, the photo has to evoke a feeling, an emotion, or leave an impression with me. You won't find me planting smilies under pictures of authors, just because they commented on my photos or purely for the sake of collecting more points. I detest backscratching.

I came here to learn and to contribute to those who are eager to learn, so I explicitly ask to tell me WHY you like my photos and WHAT I can improve. Constructive comments and critiques are highly appreciated.

Thanks for viewing my portfolio.
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