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Dragan AncevskiName: Dragan Ancevski
Country: Macedonia FYR
Intro: Update: 18/02/2007

A week ago, I broke my lens and temporary I will not be posting new photos, until I buy new lens. But, you know how it is... Always you want to buy the best and always for few extra EUROs there is a better one :)) - So I am in that situation when I am deciding which one will be the best to buy :))

Thank you for visiting my gallery and come back again :)

My themes are:
Aircrafts - I am traveling a lot and the Airplanes are my passion
Facades - I like taking photos of different facades usually combined with interesting graphics.
Eiffel Tower - Some photos of the world famous master piece (not the classical cliche)
My Favorites - Selection of photos from my gallery that I like the most.
Your Favorites - Photos you've selected as your favorites.

Soon I will add some more themes.

Next trips:

- Kolding and Copenhagen, Denmark (27th of Feb - 4th of March)
- Prague, Czech Republic (4th - 8th of March)
- Vienna, Austria (29th of March)
- Belgrade and Becej, Serbia (23th - 25th of March)
- Slovakia (29th of March - 1st of April)
- Antalya, Turkey (12th - 15th of April)
- Portoroz, Slovenia (5h - 11th of May)
- Milano, Italy (25th - 27th of May)

PS You can also visit my TrekEarth Gallery

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Camera: Canon EOS 30D, Sony Cybershot DSC-F828, Canon Powershot A510, Fuji Finepix E510
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Macedonia FYR
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Macedonia FYR
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