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Name: Bruno Afonso
Country: Portugal
Intro: My main interest in Photography is capturing people's mood and scene's atmosphere through lenses and the human eye. I've never been - or will be - a great photographer despite the fact that I love photographing. In that sense, it's more of a selfish act than greatness in sharing my photos.

I am personally more interested in "uncommon" photographs (which means that they aren't generally considered great by most people) and at the present moment try to avoid "cliches". Time is my main enemy and lately I haven't been able to do any photography.

I am a PhD Student in the "real life" (read: what pays the rent), doing research in the field of Biology. That has made me move from sunny Portugal to the US.

I have also a profound interest in music, mainly jazz.

Please feel free to tear apart my photographs as the process will make me take better photographs.

Hope you enjoy my not so great photos but at least made with the best of intentions. :)

I will gladly reply to any comments made in Portuguese or English. I'm not fluent in any other language...well... maybe spanish :)
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