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Name: Tommaso de Fernex
Country: Italy
Intro: I like the principles about sharing and constructive criticisms on which this site is based. Having to summarize, I believe I mostly have an impulsive attitude towards photography; I like the possibility it gives to capture the moment (an unexpected scene, a particular composition of elements, etc) and be able to enjoy it thereafter. In the composition I often look for simplicity, for the essentials of its elements. Of course my approach has its limits, and I am looking forward to learn more from your images and comments!
Member Since: 2008-06-29
Camera: Nikon D-80, Nikon D100, Nikon FM 2
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Title: The human elementNikon D100
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United States
Title: ReverieNikon D-80
defernex (82)
Title: Rocks and waterNikon D-80
Rocks and water
defernex (82)
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