Name: Maria do Carmo Vieira
Country: Canada
Intro: I'm Brazilian/Canadian, born in Brazil, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. My husband is Canadian (Québécois), we live in the province of Quebec.
Thank you for your critiques, they will help me learning.
I also have a TE account and a TN account.

Update Feb/20/2009
I have disabled POINTS – I cannot see nor give them. In fact, I stopped looking at this, I stopped noticing them, a long time ago. It is an experience I want to have. Maybe, after a while, I will conclude I want to have them available again, I don't know. Since TL offers this possibility, I am at ease to use it. Please, be comfortable to not give me points either, keep them for other members. I hope I can continue counting on your attention to give me your advice, because I would like to improve my skills in photography... I still have a lot to learn. Thanks.
(Anyway, I still can give points to notes and to critiques)
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