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Dzn GuyName: Dzn Guy
Country: United States
Intro: All of us have stories to tell, and most of us here on TL tell them through pictures. I am a visual artist by training, though photography has not been my specialty. Through this forum, however, I hope that I can use and learn to use the camera as a story telling tool. In the process, I also hope that I can benefit the members here as much, if not more, than they have already benefited me.

Thanks to all for your comments, critiques, and images that you've chosen to share in this community.

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Member Since: 2005-07-26
Camera: Sony Cybershot DSC-P100
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Title: Courtyard GardenSony Cybershot DSC-P100
Courtyard Garden (2)
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Title: Saguaro in Baja DesertSony Cybershot DSC-P100
Saguaro in Baja Desert (2)
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Title: Kimono Fashion ShowSony Cybershot DSC-P100
Kimono Fashion Show (4)
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