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Name: John Burton
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: Based in Dorset U.K. I tend to travel a lot and have just started getting interested in photography. I got referred to this site by someone whose (no names) opinion I respect highly and who has given me a lot of encouragement.

I love other cultures - particularly the wonderful people I usually meet. Often I feel very humbled by their charm, openness, friendship and kindness. As such, I have lots of pictures of people from around the world. My last trip was to Ethiopia and before that to Tibet and I completed the sacred pilgrimage around Mount Kailash as well as visiting lake Manasorovar and trekking up to the advanced base camp on Everest.

Originally my pictures were on film (remember that stuff!)but I've now gone digital. However, a few kind people have impressed on me the importance of at least presenting photos at their best - and I've been working hard learning Photshop.
Member Since: 2005-08-27
Camera: Canon EOS 3, Olympus OM10 35mm, Canon EOS 5D
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