Name: Olga Tikhonova
Country: Russia
Intro: I think my passion for life happily transmitted in the passion for photography. It is by documenting my impressions that I get something to share with the other people. Not at least with my pictures I can make myself – always being away from many of my dear people – more clear and understood. Scandinavia (place of my graduate studies - Denmark and Norway), Russia (my home country) and India (my workplace for the coming year) are the major areas covered (to be covered) so far.

I am happy I've found TrekLens and TrekEarth communities – this is a great place for inspiration, learning and simply great mood. Pictures are just like opinions - they differ a lot, there is no need to reconcile them all, they just create a huge arena to meet and discuss. And discussions I like most… Almost as much as pictures ;o)

Update 27-01-2006

For this year I am staying in India, a place rich in any kind of inspiration, including photographic one. For more background, you might chech out my India blog.
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