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Name: Rob Egginton
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: Photography makes you look at the world differently, and your view on the world shapes your photography. That's the sort of circular reasoning that causes no end of headaches in my day job researching Machine Learning. It's interesting if occasionally infuriating work, that provides opportunities for travel to conferences and research trips :)

I have interests in most areas of artistic creation, especially writing for stage and radio, but including video, sound recording, stage craft and song writing, though my interest in dance is more amateur than the others :)

I've had a TE account for a while, but I have been feeling the temptation to upload images that are more pure graphism or some of my more PPed shots. And that belongs here. So let's have some fun...

Link to my TE account
Member Since: 2006-01-28
Camera: Canon EOS 300, Canon EOS 350D
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Title: Metal MuseumCanon EOS 350D
Metal Museum
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United Kingdom
Title: UV CapoeraCanon EOS 350D
UV Capoera (4)
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United Kingdom
Title: Wooden particle tracesCanon EOS 350D
Wooden particle traces (2)
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