Name: Moody Affairs
Country: Pakistan
Intro: “The meaning of quality in photography's best pictures lies written in the language of vision. That language is learned by chance, not system”-Walker Evans...................... Moody Photographer who has been showering the residents of Islamabad since 1987 with his unique and sophisticated vision has been generous to provide a young, dynamic and vibrant individual with the chance. Moody studios is now c|!ck @ Moody’s!!!.......................... ….. A joint venture of Moody and Huma Akram. c|!ck @ Moody’s combines knowledge with novelty............................. Moody has many accomplishments to his name. He has brilliantly captured many national and international events such as Fashion week Australia 2003, Paris fashion week 1994+2002, Fashion week Sri Lanka 2000, Afghan War 1990-2007, Iraq War 2005, Rugby World Cup 2003 Australia, ODI & Test matches Cricket in Pakistan and APEC Summit 2007, Australia. Although his passion remains with fashion photography and has launched many new faces into the showbiz industry of Pakistan...........Huma Akram is a young and talented female who is eager to make her mark in the field of photography. She has been involved in various fashion shoots and also holds expertise in kids’ photo shoots and landscape photography..................................... c|!ck @ Moody’s offers a wide range of services: : Bridal Portfolio in Studio Bridal coverage on location Fashion Events Nature Video coverage Commercials Documentaries Event Management Children& family photo shoots So hurry up and visit c|!ck @ Moody’s Photo studio to experience quality in photography with state of the art technology, fabulous backdrops and a very friendly ambiance. House 6, St: 21, F-7/2, Islamabad or contact [email protected][email protected] Your dream picture is just a C|!ck away!!!!!
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Camera: Canon 1D Mark II N, Hasselblad TCC 205, Nikon D200, Nikon D300 DSLR, Nikon D70 SLR
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Title: Pakistan-Sufi
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Title: Insect on Rose
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