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Anil PurohitName: Anil Purohit
Country: India
Intro: Hi,
I am a teacher in govt. school. My area of interest is WILD LIFE , NATURE, LANDSCAPE & MONUMENTS .I am from India .I am trying to catch Indian heritage , Natural life & Wild life .
Thanks to all of those who post positive comments in the true spirit of TrekNature.
- Anil Purohit
Gandhi Marg,Sujangarh
(Rajasthan) INDIA
Member Since: 2010-08-05
Camera: NIKON D200, Nikon D-50
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Title: Sun-set at a SanctuaryNikon D-50
Sun-set at a Sanctuary (6)
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Title: Matki (earthen pots)Nikon D-50
Matki (earthen pots)
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Title: Sun-set at a Village NIKON D200
Sun-set at a Village (6)
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