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Name: Paul Wain
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: Hello out there.
I got my first camera way back in 1969 it was hidden in my "Secret Sam" super secret agents suitcase. You pressed a button next to the handle to take a picture. Anyone remember them? Due to my height at the time the first roll was shoppers’ legs and ankles in Boots the Chemist, Walton Vale, Liverpool.
I've had cameras ever since my second was A Voightlander?, followed by a Kodak instamatic, Olympus OM10, Minolta 7000, Kodak 1meg digital, Samsung 3meg, Traveler 4mp and we now have a Traveler 6mp, next will be...The Canon EOS 400D and then the Traveler DC-XZ6
My Day job? I teach IT, Digital Photography and Photoshop to adults in and around Sefton.
My pet photo hates? People who go on holiday and photograph.... people! Why, when you can see people everyday. TAKE Scenic shots (ok then maybe just a few of the people you meet).and not at arms length ;)
I’m lucky to live in one of the most photogenic cites in the world...Liverpool.

Paul Wain
Aka rivermersey
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Camera: Canon 400D Digital, Sony Ericsson K750i, Traveler DC XZ6, Traveler DC-6300
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