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Name: Subhayan Mandal
Country: India
Intro: Hi,

I am Subhayan, a newbie in TL, a wonderful place for learning phography. I am also a member of TN & TE.

This is a link to my domain on TrekNature

This is a link to my domain on TrekEarth

I saw a quote in a docu-feature on James Natchwey [April sixth, '08]. Though the topic is distant but the idea can be imported straight here.

"If Your Pictures Are Not Good Enough,
You Are Not Close Enough."

--- Robert Capa.
Member Since: 2007-09-17
Camera: Fujifilm Clear Shot Zoom 50, Olympus SP-510 UZ, Sony Cybershot DSC-H2
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Title: Sevoke Coronation BridgeSony Cybershot DSC-H2
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Title: Good To EatSony Cybershot DSC-H2
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Title: Dangling DangerSony Cybershot DSC-H2
Dangling Danger (8)
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