Name: Debasish Sen
Country: India
Intro: Dear Netizens …
My name is Debasish Sen, professionally I am a Designer, working in Workshop Division of Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics. Calcutta. I find Engineering Drawing, Using Computer, painting, Cooking. And Photography very pleasing pastime to add my pleasures of daily life
I saw my first light of life on 29th September 1964 at Calcutta in the state of West Bengal in eastern India
I was started photography with a Lubital –2 TLR Camera (120 format) in the age of 20 . After few years I bought a Zenit TTL SLR Now I have completed almost 20 years to my journey in this hobby, and during this period a lot of Cameras like Canon AE1, Nikomat FTN, Nikomat FT2, Cosina, Nikon F, and enlargers like Kodak , Drust Etc. I have used. And now finally Canon EOS rebel Ti and Canon Powershot A520 is my best companion
I can attuned to more than one work or objective of diverse nature at time doing justice to all of them (Jack of all Trades) and for this my living through so many years have become quite useless (Master of none). At list this is the view of my mentors. But one thing I must assert: I have a strong craving for knowledge and learning. It is appears to me a stronger point for living a ‘live’ life rather than anchoring into a monochromatic brilliant career. It is this persuasion that has attracted me to the universe of ‘Internet’ that brings every thing that exists in the physical world or that we conceive in my room where I am sitting face to face in front of my PC.
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