Name: Terje Gunnesmael
Country: Norway
Intro: I'm here and I'm there...
Here you'll see some of my more creative sides, wich don't fit in on TE. I guess you'll find out that some of my pics here don't relate to the place of recording, and could be from all over the world. The link of photography!
Member Since: 2004-05-09
Camera: Olympus C-5050Z, Canon EOS 1N, Olympus OM-1
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Title: * Oillamp *Canon EOS 1N
* Oillamp * (2)
smael (78)
Title: * Attraction *
* Attraction * (2)
smael (78)
Title: - Cranes -Olympus C-5050Z
- Cranes - (4)
smael (78)
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