Name: terry nichol
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: hi I'm a retired steel worker living in Redcar a small town on the north east coast of England.I have been interested in photography for fourty odd years moving on from 35mm to digital about 4 years ago. I started with a Olympus c-300 then moved on to my present camera a Olympus c8080 I am also a member of my local Camera club
Member Since: 2005-08-25
Camera: Canon EOS30/Elan7E, Olympus C-8080 WZ, 35mm camera
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United Kingdom
Title: cashmere 1/2 priceOlympus C-8080 WZ
cashmere 1/2 price (2)
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United Kingdom
Title: me!!Canon EOS30/Elan7E
me!! (4)
ternic (8)
Title: smile nannaOlympus C-8080 WZ
smile nanna
ternic (8)
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