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Thank you Richard
30 D versus 40D .. well there are a few useful reasons
With 40D all is compatible from one to other. All my lenses, also the Sigma's
Battery pack ( have 3 large Canon ones ..bout 40 Euro each) and grip under camera
Life view .. 2 mill pixels more ..quite some 'inside changes' and it has this automatic 'sensor cleaner'
Large(r) screen on back and a nice price for me at: ..i.e. 888 Euro plus 150 E cash back

Actually I had a phone call yesterday with my dear friend Yan in Ottawa *photograph2u*
Yan has the 5D and she loves it. Go to her intro page and you see the love declaration
But.. but... and now I might change to a nasty little fellow..
5D is almost not among us anymore ..even how GOOD it is .. and it is DARN good
Whatever we say .. words of praise..proven quality ..dear Richard it IS the camera of yesterday!
But again, a VERY good if I see that I can have for 50% of the cost
not the 5 star but the 4 star camera.. with its latest technology ... see my point??

I have a second option.. the camera's cost in the US in $$ like what we have to pay here in Euro's
In July I see some TL friends in Montreal. Maybe I ask my good friend Vandana to bring me a new one from the US
Than my 100 Euro's turn in to 150 $$ .. to use a metaphor.

I know that many read what I write in TL, so the message also to other TL friends.. to make friends think...

2\ Nice postcard you said.
Richard, thanks! Sure.. Hans and I could bring that Book !
Than right away I say..both Hans and I are 'senior' members .. learning along the way in past 2-3 years..

In fact Richard, it was yesterday or 2 days ago when I said to Hans.. how nice it is to see the relative LARGE
group of EXCELLENT photo shooters we have in this little dot on the world globe called: Holland

I am for myself, close to a turning point.. crossing the 35 000 border means slow down.
Have plans to go, with a few good friends, in another direction, and turning photo skill into $$$
Thank you Richard, your reaction is appreciated!

Best regards
Title: The last photo's with my Canon 30DCanon EOS 30D
The last photo's with my Canon 30D (132) *
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