Title: Exhausted !Nikon D5200
Exhausted ! (÷)
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To Madatit: my truthful asnwer mamcg Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 452 W: 66 N: 1002] (10644)::2015-09-02 21:44
Firsts, thank you for raising so many points. Latin is a language that not like you what comes in your mind that clicks on fingers as my mother tong is Darri mix of Persian and Turk as the school language is Urdu so it translates in my mind many times to write a NOTE.

Here at a local underground swimming pool there was a competition, beside my first experience of shooting at low light of this basement swimming pool, I was also looking around for any this interesting to catch and I found Mr. Abdul leaning over his tripod so I put off the flash to rely on auto, as the shutter speed drops to 1/20" at my steady it is OK.

The next foolish question you put on that I opted on digital zoom, how fool you are that it is not a point and shoot camera that to be push to digital zoom that proves your lack of knowledge about photography and just get out of your small heaven and see the world around.

Just mind your language and be in your skin, poor shopkeeper.
Re: To Madatit: my truthful asnwer Madatit Gold Star Critiquer [C: 96 W: 40 N: 157] (580)::2015-09-03 7:53
I stand by my conviction about this being a poor shot, Muhammad, but thanks for taking the time to reply to my critique.

I also stand by the fact your note was not written, but pasted from the combinations of metadata, file info, photograph info, IPTC core and EXIF data which actually tells us nothing about your approach, method or reason behind the shot.

I would strongly disagree at this being your first attempt at low light. Take a look at your gallery. That may remind you of your other attempts.

Point and shoot cameras do not actually exist Muhammad. It is the photographer who carries out the point and shoot by simply putting a camera into auto mode, pointing it at the subject and then fires the shutter.

With regards to my lack of knowledge about photography, you could be correct. I have absolutely no formal training, I have absolutely no historical knowledge of the camera, the developing process, or the many famous photographers both past and present. David Bailey springs to mind, as does Paul Burns but other than that, I am ignorant of the history of the camera. I have no idea who took the first photograph or who invented the camera.

However, I don't need to know about the history of photography to make a decent shot. I try to understand light, depth, focus, composition and many other rules associated with composing a photograph and I think my gallery coupled with my notes on several images from my gallery actually contradict your theory that I don't know what i'm doing!

I'm not a religious person at all, so I have no heaven to leave whether small or large. I am however a realist, and I will continue to give honest, un-biased critiques on every shot I choose to do so.
If you don't like what's being said about your photographs, then there is nothing I can suggest, except perhaps try harder to improve. You've been a member for a very long time now, so perhaps you are missing the point of the site?

As for my language.
I've read, re-read and read again my critique. I see nothing offensive in my text. I am giving an honest opinion of a poor shot.

Like I said in the opening line of this message, thanks for taking the time to reply to my critique.
I'd be really impressed to see you start taking some of your time critiquing other people's images with your wealth of knowledge please Muhammad. We are all trying to learn from each other, so please do take a look at my gallery and point me right where I am going wrong.
I will not take offence of any brutal honesty. I want to improve, and unless others point out my failures, I will continue to fail.

Thank you.