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其實這像片的重點是在那個碑 這個碑現在只剩下四個 也是第二次世界大戰前日本人留下來的 它的故事很長
有時是國與國的意識型態 很多東幸虧這個留下來 因為以前這裡是較日本神社給日本人的革命紀念 現在是改成中華民國的先烈忠烈祠
在前面的碑坊也是新蓋的 以前是鳥居 這些都很難一時說完
相片也是很多 但是我不能作一系列的PO圖 這會被人家罵
這樣吧 如果喜歡忠烈祠的像片 給我MAIL 我就寄給你看了 就看你願不願意

MR macgarret1
Thank you for your liking and praise
In fact, this film is the focus of the monument in the monument now only four is the second world war before the Japanese left it's a long story
Sometimes the state of ideology of the country and many of the country's fortunate thanks to this because it was a revolution of the Japanese shrine to the Japanese revolution. It is now the martyrdom of martyrs of the Republic of China
In front of the monument is also a new cover before the birds are these are difficult to finish
The photo is also a lot but I can not make a series of PO map which will be scolded by others
So if you like the martyrs of the photo to me MAIL I sent you to see if you are willing to
Thank you for your explanation
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