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Shooting in RAW BarryR (93)::2016-07-28 5:01
It will be interesting to see how many members shoot in RAW and why. Also perform post processing of the RAW images in editing software like Lightroom, ACDSEE, PS Bridge etc.
Secondly anybody using GIMP as an alternative to Photoshop?
Re: Shooting in RAW appalcarp Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1101 W: 154 N: 633] (4198)::2016-07-30 10:04
I use my iPhone now. I hear rumors that RAW may be included on future iPhones. If anyone knows of great apps poease list a few. Photoshop Touch was a great app but was discontinued. Now the Adobe stuff is all cut into pieces rather than a one-stop shop. It ties me too much to Windows which is too expensive.
Re: Shooting in RAW atomas59 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 556 W: 746 N: 637] (3826)::2016-12-02 19:23
I've been a Pro for many years and this is my advice. Unless your doing commercial work. The use of Raw is totally pointless.
The use of high quality jpeg format will be more than sufficiant. Use less space on your hard drive, with pretty much the same result.

Gimp and Photoshop can't never be compared in any way. One is the top, the other "Gimp" is just an other free program with average result. Tho efficiant for small editing you can honestly compare those two, it like trying to compare instant coffee, and a nice top grain coffee, made in a percolator..)) or a hamburger, with a 2 inches thick prime steak.
Re: Shooting in RAW appalcarp Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1101 W: 154 N: 633] (4198)::2016-12-03 17:35
I respect your experience but you need to take a look at the dramatic difference between .raw and .jpg on an iPhone:




I am saving to get the clip-on zoom and hopefully a macro lens on the other end. With the new 12mp cam, this phone is already taking dynamite pics, now if I could figure out how to upload one in jpg and cut it to the required size using 'what' app. I sold off my Canon as too cumbersome and was only 6mp only.
Re: Shooting in RAW BarryR (93)::2016-12-04 0:48
Interesting. My experience has been that I can recover a lot more detail from a RAW file, should it be required, than I can from a high quality JPEG file. Furthermore all my files, original and edited, are stored on two external 3TB drives. These two dives are kept in sync using freely available software.
I do use JPEG when I photograph action like motor racing, sport, panos and fireworks. For the rest it is RAW.

Not sure that calling Gimp "just another free program with average result" is correct. Have used both and I prefer to use Gimp, especially as it is free and just as good as PS, in my opinion.