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John Day Fossil Beds Annual Trek wahclellaspirit Gold Star Critiquer [C: 320 W: 0 N: 0] (0)::2009-12-31 23:03
If anyone is ionterested in joing the annual trek into the John Day Fossil Beds three Units, I am beginning to make plans for the trek. The dates will be in either April or May, and will be for three days.

The first day will possibly be a guided tour into the Nut Beds and Mammal Quarry at the Clarno Unit where visitors are not allowed unless with a guide. From there we will travel along the John Day River towards Ashwood and Burnt Rock, a significant ancient volcanic field named the Clarno formation. We will pass the Painted Hills Unit and continue on to Mitchell where we normally either stay in the hotel or camp in the park. We will of course return to the Painted Hills Unit and the Twickinham Basalt Field for a complete day, sunrise through sunset, and on the third day we will begin the day at sunrise with Cathedral Rock, and then decide on those wanting to either first tour the Paleontology Museum and then continue on to a lengthy hike of about 8 miles to the Sheep Rock itself and its varied hued Sandstone appearing rock formations. We also have the option of touring the Sheeprock Unit and choose to walk the lower trail at Blue Basin and at Sunset be on top of the Higher Trail and capture the Turquiose colors that spring out from the green rock if the sun and weather cooperates.
Shared lodging at the hotel for two days would be about $70.00 per person, there are rooms with their own baths for those choosing such, and there is a communal shower in the hallway. Across the highway is another small hotel that has ample room if our numbers exceed the rooms available if those of you do not have tentative arrangements until the last moment. I can reserve rooms, but if you do not attend after reserving a room, you still have to pay for the room, so be sure before placing a reservation through me or through the Oregon Hotel.
You can contact me at:
[email protected]
See You All Then...
Steve Warnstaff