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Dear Alvin,
How does it feels? In a word, fun.
But beside fun, it's really about getting the best chances of getting the best shots of the moment and getting the shots that others wouldn't get. Tell you a not so something secret.

Most photographers shooting for magazines and newsprints work using the 4C guidelines.
1. Your Composition must be close and unique.
2. The Colors must be attractive.
3. The Clarity must be defining and
4. You need to be Creatively and sort of competitive.

Most photographers that day, shoot from the beach. They pretty much get the same thing. But when you are further offshore, you are shooting from the same level as the dragon boats and closer to the action. And if possible, traveling in the same direction and speed as the dragon boat itself. I had asked the boatman that we "used" to take us around the race ground to "chase" the nearest dragon boat so as to get a higher chances of getting dramatic close up works of the oarsmen working their oars.

And based on another theory, the closer you get to your moving subjects and traveling at the same speed and direction, the lower the chances of you getting blurred shots.

Alvin, I hoped this explain you, why and how I felt shooting the boats that Sunday.
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To ating76: Shooting A Moving Subject Rabani Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 69 W: 0 N: 259] (977)::2008-06-16 22:16