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Kabini by Aditya Vankayalapati (vchaditya) (60) :: 2009-06-18 - 2009-06-21 :: 3122 Views

I had been to a resort holiday with my team and had good time.

I would like to share a few memories to all of you, through this Travelogue

Hope you like it.

Thanks for stopping by,
Aditya (6 photos)

Journey Clicks by Aditya Vankayalapati (vchaditya) (60) :: 2010-09-04 - 2010-09-13 :: 3161 Views

Clicks at my native.

I have been to my native recently for a week period, to visit my parents and spend some time with them.

Most of the pics in this travelogues are clicks on the move. (6 photos)