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first photo ever (10)
mikobi Silver Note Writer [C: 5 W: 2 N: 43] (149)
Why this photo?

It is the first photo I ever took! This was October of 1974, using my dad's instamatic (thus the square format). I was absolutely hooked, and have loved photography ever since.

Actually, after all these years, I like the shot itself [Joshua and my first car(!) a 1972 plymouth satellite]. It seems to have an odd, slightly "Bill Eggleston" quality that I like.

Must find that neg so I can scan it in for a better quality!

Anyway, that's the story of this print, and why I started this portfolio with such an odd choice.

For other Treklenser's first photos, follow the theme link for this photo (and post your own!).

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Altered Image #1

mikobi Silver Note Writer [C: 5 W: 2 N: 43] (149)
rescan neg, pp
Edited by:mikobi Silver Note Writer [C: 5 W: 2 N: 43] (149)

The original post for this, my first photo ever, was a flatbed scan (Canon Pixma) of a snapshot print. When I found the original negative, it was in kinda rough shape an odd dimension (not 35mm) and my new Nikon Coolscan 5000 negative scanner would not recognize the negative shape (probably without the purchase of an expensive adapter).

I ended up trimming a slide holder, putting the instamatic negative in that, and scanning it in through two scans, bottom and top, and splicing the two pictures together.

Removed the purple color cast. Couldn't quite get the yellow/gold hues right, but this was a bright New Mexico sunset on a yellow dog and a yellow Plymouth Satellite! Very 70's feel.

Workshops welcome! -Karl